New Cross-Boundary Pioneers in North America
in the Internet Age

Internet + Manufacturing Internet + Logistics Internet + Offline


B&J Global Chain is the forerunner of new cross-border services provider in North America in the internet age. Our Canadian and US based companies are committed to connecting global manufacturing brands and the North American market, using the "Internet + Manufacturing", "Internet + Logistics" and "Internet + Offline" models to provide our partners with a complete, high-efficiency and low-cost solution to expand their brands in North America.




Launch their own brands and channels in the North American market, reducing the reliance on local wholesalers. Real market demand determines the production and development. and promotes industrial upgrading based on analysis of big data.

Offline stores

Directly connect with high-quality suppliers and brands, improve procurement efficiency and reduce procurement costs.


Easily purchase suppliers' branded products through multiple channels, enjoy preferential prices, fast delivery and local customer service.


  • 2013 年
  • B&J Global Inc. was established

  • 2014 年
  • Toronto, ON(Canada) warehouse established

  • 2015 年
  • Bestinc Warehousing&Logistics established

  • Rochester, NY (US) warehouse established

  • North American E-Commerce platforms launched

  • 2016 年
  • WMS launched

  • 2017 年
  • US-China Express launched

  • Chicago, IL(US) transfer warehouse established

  • Dallas, TX(US) transfer warehouse established

  • 2018 年
  • Los Angeles, CA(US) warehouse established

  • 2019 年
  • self-operated vertical e-commerce platform launched

  • Bestinc's growth is looking forward to your testimony